Overtime Wages – Medical Transportation

You may be owed overtime compensation if you are a driver for a non-emergency medical transportation company in Massachusetts. Many companies in Massachusetts hire workers to drive individuals to non-emergency medical appointments and to various clinics throughout the state, but often classify these individuals as independent contractors in order to avoid paying overtime. In all likelihood, this is illegal.

If you are a driver for a non-emergency medical transportation company, drive people to medical and other health related appointments, and are not being paid time and a half for all overtime hours that you work (i.e. all hours over 40 each week), then you may be owed significant wages and other monies by the company you work for.

Independent contractor misclassification is rampant problem throughout Massachusetts which causes individuals to not receive overtime compensation, to incur numerous expenses that the company should be required to pay for, and to go without unemployment or workers’ compensation benefits. Luckily, the Massachusetts wage laws are some of the best in the country, and authorize you to bring suit against the company you work for to recover all of your unpaid wages and other benefits. In the event that an individual brings a case for unpaid wages in Massachusetts and prevails, the law requires the employer/company to automatically pay the employee three times the amount of wages that you are owed, plus all attorneys’ fees and costs of the case.

Attorney Adam Shafran has significant experience recovering unpaid wages for drivers of non-emergency medical transportation companies throughout Massachusetts. If you are a driver for a company like this, and the company does not pay you overtime, and requires you to pay all of the expenses associated with your job, then you likely have a case. Contact Attorney Shafran if you would like to learn more at 617-371-4364.



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