Sample Case Results

Class Actions
  • Obtained a $23 million class action settlement on behalf of approximately 1,000 Pepperidge Farm distributors in Massachusetts, California and Illinois based on allegations of independent contractor misclassification.
  • Obtained a $7 million class action settlement for prevailing wage violations on behalf of all Waste Management employees in Massachusetts in Mullally, et al. v. Waste Management of Massachusetts, Inc., 452 Mass. 526 (2009).
  • Obtained a $6.5 million settlement on behalf of over 700 current and former employees in Swiderski v. Allied Waste Services of Massachusetts, LLC (Middlesex Sup. Ct. Civil Action No. 2011-04279); the case was the largest employment settlement in Massachusetts in 2015 as reported by Mass Lawyers Weekly.
  • Served as class counsel to 250+ employees in George et al v. National Water Main Cleaning Co. et al (U.S. Dist. Ct. of Mass. Civil Action No. 10-10289 (confidential resolution).
  • Class Counsel to over 1,000 employees of a Dunkin Donuts franchisor in a case alleging that the employees were improperly required to pay for uniforms.
  • Class Counsel to approximately 360 non-emergency medical transportation drivers in settlement for unpaid wages.
  • Class Counsel to approximately 115 employees of trampoline company for violations of Massachusetts Sick Time Law.
  • Class Counsel to approximately 115 employees at election/campaign call-center who were not paid their final wages.
  • Class Counsel to approximately 55 employees of laundry delivery service for unpaid wages and unreimbursed transportation costs.
  • Class counsel to approximately 45 employees of garage door company for unpaid overtime wages.
  • Class counsel to approximately 50 employees of environmental services company for unpaid prevailing wages.
Unpaid Wages
  • Obtained approximately $1 million settlement for car salesmen for unpaid overtime against prominent auto dealership.
  • Obtained $850,000 settlement for medical device salesman for unpaid commissions.
  • Recovered approximately $250,000 in unpaid overtime for managers of group homes misclassified as exempt employees.
  • Recovered approximately $200,000 for hotel workers misclassified as exempt from overtime.
  • Obtained $350,000 settlement for salesman for unpaid commissions.
  • Obtained $132,000 settlement against electrical company for unpaid wages.
  • Obtained $100,000 settlement against telecommunications company for unpaid commissions.
  • Obtained $55,750 settlement for unpaid wages against major national bank.
  • Obtained $55,000 settlement for unpaid wrongful termination in violation of public policy and unpaid wages against Massachusetts municipality.
  • Obtained $50,000 against prominent Cape Code restaurant for unpaid tips and minimum wage violation.
  • Obtained $30,000 settlement against regional salon for unpaid overtime wages.
Independent Contractor Misclassification
  • Obtained $60,000 settlement against limousine company for independent contractor misclassification and unpaid commissions.
  • Obtained $50,000 settlement against transportation company.
  • Obtained $30,000 settlement for independent contractor misclassification and unpaid overtime against commercial cleaning company.
  • Obtained $30,000 settlement against residential development company.
  • Represented dozens of non-emergency medical transportation drivers in recovering unpaid wages.
  • Represented dozens of construction workers misclassified as independent contractors to recover unpaid overtime wages.
Discrimination & Wrongful Termination
  • Obtained $250,000 settlement against national non-profit for wrongful termination in violation of public policy.
  • Obtained $125,000 settlement for unfair labor practice against local union.
  • Obtained $75,000 settlement for wrongful termination in violation of public policy against commercial maintenance company.
  • Obtained $30,000 settlement for disability discrimination against elder care company
  • Represented workers across various industries in claims of discrimination based on age, sex, race, ethnicity, religion and disability.
  • Represent Massachusetts municipal leader and obtained confidential settlement in high profile litigation involving claims of sexual harassment and sex discrimination.
  • Obtained substantial confidential settlement against major national bank for claims of race discrimination.
Prevailing Wage Violations
  • Recovered millions of dollars in unpaid prevailing wages for rate workers, including garbagemen, catch basis cleaners, pipefitters, heavy equipment operators, carpenters, plumbers, surveyors, painters and laborers.
  • Obtained $490,000 settlement against construction company.
  • Obtained $275,000 settlement against plumbing company.
  • Obtained $100,000 against commercial real estate development company for wrongful termination and unpaid prevailing wages.
  • Obtained $60,000 settlement against electrical company.
  • Obtained $45,000 settlement against regional concrete supplier.
  • Obtained $30,500 settlement against concrete supplier.

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