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Trash Haulers Win $6.5M

For seven years, from 2008 through earlier this year, more than 450 trash and recycling haulers working for Republic Services and its Allied Waste unit lost millions of dollars to the company, they complained. The reason: Hundreds were badly overcharged for their company health insurance, and some were even charged for health insurance they had opted out of signing up for...

Radio Entrepreneurs Features Jon Friedmann and Adam Shafran

On April 11, Jonathon Friedmann and Adam Shafran were featured on the Radio Entrepreneurs show “On the Record” hosted by Jeffrey Davis with co-host Mark Zwetchkenbaum. Jon and Adam discussed the the fastest growing area of litigation today — employment law, in particular prevailing wage issues, wage and hour violations, and independent contractors. They highlighted the severe consequences for companies that run afoul of these regulations, including awards of treble damages and attorney’s fees...

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