Massachusetts Prevailing Wage Law Primer

The Massachusetts Prevailing Wage Law establishes minimum wage rates for workers on public construction and non-construction projects throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Department of Labor Standards (DLS) is the state administrative agency that is responsible for issuing prevailing wage rates and routinely provides guidance and interpretation on all issues related to the law. Before obtaining bids for any public construction (and in many cases non-construction) projects, the public awarding authority must obtain the applicable wage rate sheet from DLS. Each wage rate sheet applies only to the project for which it is issued, and once a project has been awarded, the wage rate schedule will apply for the duration of the contract. If you are working on a public works project, you are likely entitled to be paid the applicable prevailing wage.

The Prevailing Wage Law covers an exceptionally broad category of workers, including but not limited:

-2 and 3 axle drivers
-asbestos removers
-backhoe operators
-boom truck operators
-bulldozer operators
-chain saw operators
-clam shell operators
-compressor operators
-crane operators
-demolition workers
-derrick operators
-drawbridge operators
-fire alarm installers
-front-end loader operators
-general laborers
-grader operators
-hoisting engineers
-hvac workers
-insulation workers
-marble and tile finishers
-operating engineers
-pile driver operators
-pump operators
-sheet metal workers
-telecommunications technicians
-tree trimmers and removers
-trenching machine operators
-vac-haul operators
-water meter installers

The DLS website provides many resources that can help you navigate the Prevailing Wage Law, including opinion letters on numerous prevailing wage related issues, sample wage rate schedules, guides for contractors and awarding authorities, collective bargaining agreements, and sample payroll certifications. Attorney Shafran has significant experience litigating issues related to the Prevailing Wage Law and has assisted many workers throughout Massachusetts.. If you have any questions or concerns about your wage rights, contact Attorney Shafran at any time.



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