Attorney Adam J. Shafran

Adam J. Shafran
Lead Attorney

Meet Attorney Adam Shafran

Attorney Shafran is an experienced employment attorney who has counseled clients on all aspects of the employment relationship. In 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 Adam was voted by his peers as a Massachusetts Super Lawyers Rising Star for employment litigation, an award recognizing the top 2.5% of attorneys under the age of 40 in Massachusetts.

Adam has recovered millions in unpaid wages for his clients, having represented employees in unpaid wage claims arising from minimum wage violations, overtime violations, prevailing wage violations, tip act violations, unpaid commissions, unpaid bonuses and unpaid vacation time.

Adam has also represented hundreds of individuals who have been misclassified by their employer as independent contractors. With Adam’s representation, these individuals have recovered the large sums of money owed to them as a result of the often significant expenses they were forced to bear due to their misclassification. The type of relief Adam has obtained on behalf of misclassified employees has included recovery for the share of payroll taxes, unemployment insurance premiums and workers compensation premiums borne by the misclassified employee, recovery of unpaid overtime wages, and recovery of business expenses incurred by the misclassified employee that he or she would not have incurred had they been properly classified as an employee.

Adam also represents employees who have been the victim any negative employment decision, from demotions, reprimands and negative performance reviews, to the most serious employment decision; wrongful termination. Although most employees within Massachusetts are “employees-at-will,” which means that they can be terminated for any reason at all, employers may not base their decision to terminate or otherwise punish an employee on a discriminatory factor, such as age, race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity or disability. In this vein, Adam has successfully represented employees who have been unlawfully terminated as result of an employer’s discriminatory bias.

Adam regularly represents employees and executives in the negotiation and litigation of claims arising out of employment agreements, including “for cause” terminations, and noncompete, nonsolicitation and confidentiality/proprietary information disputes. Adam has significant experience reviewing and advising clients on issues related to compensation, equity, severance and related issues. Adam has reviewed hundreds of employment agreement across dozens of industries, such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, construction, financial services, entertainment, retail, transportation, food services, engineering, public sector, and more.

Representative Cases:

  • Obtained a $6.5 million settlement on behalf of 450 current and former employees in Swiderski, et al v. Allied Waste Services of Massachusetts, LLC (Middlesex Sup. Ct. Civil Action No. 2011-04279); the case was the largest employment settlement in Massachusetts in 2015.
  • Obtained a $7 million class action settlement for prevailing wage violations on behalf of all Waste Management employees in Massachusetts in Mullally, et al. v. Waste Management of Massachusetts, Inc., 452 Mass. 526 (2009).
  • Settlement of numerous other wage violation, employment discrimination, and employee non-compete cases.

Here's a Sample of Companies Adam's Clients Have Worked For:

  • A#1 Crane
  • Bank of America
  • Pepperidge Farm
  • Santander
  • The Boys and Girls Club
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