Whistleblower Lawsuits

Whistleblowers Are Protected by Law


n general terms, a whistleblower is an employee who comes forward with information about some unlawful conduct that their employer is committing that is not generally known to the public. In Massachusetts, the most common form of whistleblower suit is one filed pursuant to the Massachusetts False Claims Act. The Massachusetts False Claims Act is a state statute that provides monetary awards for individuals who have information suggesting that their employer received funds from a public entity in Massachusetts as a result of some unlawful conduct. For example, an employee can file a whistleblower suit if it has information demonstrating that his or her employer send fraudulent invoices to a city in Massachusetts, or was paid by a city or town in Massachusetts for work that it did not perform, or for work that it knowingly performed at a substandard level.

In Massachusetts, an employee is entitled to anywhere from 15%-35% of the total funds recovered as a result of the whistleblower suit. If you believe you have information about your employer in engaging in some form of unlawful conduct, you should contact Attorney Shafran immediately to learn about your whistleblower rights and protections.


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