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The Massachusetts Prevailing Wage Law establishes minimum wage rates for workers on public construction and non-construction projects throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Department of Labor Standards (DLS) is the state administrative agency that is responsible for issuing prevailing wage rates and routinely provides guidance and interpretation on all ... Read More


Travel time by an employee may be considered compensable work time under Massachusetts Wage and Hour Law and the Fair Labor Standards Act.  Employers should be aware of exactly what travel time would be considered time worked and make sure they pay their employees according to these laws.  In a ... Read More


Beginning on December 1, 2016, nearly 5 million employees will now be eligible for overtime compensation under new regulations issued by the United States Department of Labor, marking the first change in these laws since the 1970’s.  Currently, executive, administrative and professional employees earning a salary of more than $23,660 ... Read More


In Massachusetts, all employees are protected against wrongful termination under what is commonly known as the public policy doctrine. As explained by the Supreme Judicial Court, the doctrine provides a remedy to an at-will employee who is “terminated contrary to a well-defined public policy.” The remedy “is available for employees who ... Read More


Under Massachusetts Law, in order for you to be properly classified as an independent contractor, the company that you perform services for must establish, among other things, that the service you provide is different from the service that the company provides. Companies such as FedEx hire couriers who provide delivery ... Read More


With the new year right around the corner, I am excited to announce to the beginning of the Massachusetts Employee Rights Blog. Stated simply, the purpose of this blog is to inform employees and workers throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts of their workplace rights. In an ever developing and changing ... Read More